Ing. arch. Michal Postránecký

Architectural, Design and Consulting Studio “Michal Postranecky Architecture & Design” is based in Sarasota, Florida, and Prague in Czech Republic. We are here together with my Team, and network of highly skilled and experienced professionals to fulfill the most challenging design tasks you may have on your mind. We would like to adore your ideas and bring our creative visions to develop your dreams from the first sketches on drawing paper to a real life. I am looking forward to provide you with a unique Design of Excellence! Michal Postranecky

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CZECH DECO TEAM, spolek / Za Mototechnou 615/37, 155 00 Praha 5
Korespondenční adresa: Karel Smejkal, Ph. D., Intl Assos AIA, Thákurova 7 (ČVUT), 166 29 Praha 6
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