Ing. arch. Cristina Mejia, A DESIGN Autor projektu
Ing. arch. Cristina Mejia, A DESIGN

Office - Semily

O projektu

A men's club as a working space

Less use of computer, more talk. A space to share with friends, to enjoy a drink, just to relax while reading a book or watching a video. A space to reduce stress, not create it. A space to be inspired. Big ideas come from inspiration. 

Cena realizace projektu

15000 Kč/m2

Náklady na tento projekt se pohybovaly okolo cca 15000 Kč/m2, přičemž tato cena zahrnuje: úpravy dispozic, nábytek, světla, doplňky. Pokud se Vám tato realizace líbí, snadno odhadnete náklady u vaší nemovitosti vynásobením ceny a plochy. V případě zájmu si můžete objednat nezávaznou prohlídku stavebního odborníka z CZECH DECO TEAM.

Autoři projektu

A DESIGN is an architecture and interior design company based in Prague. We can help you with designing your new home, planning the reconstruction of an existing space or just decorating a room, whether it is a house, office or any other type of project.

We believe in live architecture. An architecture that stimulates all senses: touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight of course. An architecture that is not just contemplative, but one that allows the participation of its inhabitantsallowing them to interact with the space and transform it according to their needs.

We are husband and wife team working together. Although our skills and approaches towards architecture and design are different, we each bring an important perspective to the projects. Cristina use a more creative way with designing and Jirka's vision is more systematic. This complementary relationship make us a great team.  

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Ing. arch. Cristina Mejia, A DESIGN

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